The construction of the Hyperloop in Abu Dhabi will start in 2019

This week the startup Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, also known as HyperloopTT, announced that it will begin construction of a commercial Hyperloop track in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Construction will begin in the third quarter of 2019. This news, apparently, extends the agreement, which was announced in April. It was then HyperloopTT and the state-run developer, has announced the acquisition of the construction site where you will be creating a 10-kilometer commercial track.

HyperloopTT and the competing Hyperloop startup Virgin One drew 31.2 million and of 196.2 million, respectively. Both startups regularly conduct a feasibility study for the Hyperloop systems across the world and announced agreements with governments that would like to get cash for the potential use of hyperloop.

Abu Dhabi for hyperloop

However, none of the startups yet publicly demonstrated a speed record, but the technical details of both companies about how their levitating train go around curves and braking with passengers at speeds exceeding 1000 km/h remain a secret. HyperloopTT also builds your first test area in Toulouse, France. Virgin One has a Hyperloop test site in Nevada, but in recent months there was some news.

Earlier this month HyperloopTT announced the creation of a prototype commercial passenger Bob, is covered with sensors to enhance security (although the effectiveness of the device or its sensors yet to be determined). However, Virgin Hyperloop One also has a competitive agreement to build a test site in Dubai, the most populated city in the UAE.

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