The content of the YouTube Original which will be available to watch for free after September 24,


Adopted YouTube for a very long time on advertisements to generate profit and support the content creators. However, at what time, and tried the police the idea of creating a paid version of the service called Youtube Premium where participants can exchange for a monthly subscription to access many features, including the original content of the product by YouTube itself.

However, maybe I didn’t come this trade off completely because as some of you have heard most likely, it was YouTube had announced about its plans to display the original content of its own free for users. The good news is that if you are looking forward to sharing some of their original content for YouTube, then you need to wait a little longer.

Because YouTube has confirmed that after the September 24, users will be able to watch sitcoms, movies, and special events for free with ads. However, this does not mean that YouTube will take for the system to participate in the organization own. Will the Youtube service Premier exist, will be participating in this service on some privileges compared with the rest of the users.

This includes the ability to access all content at one time as well as the ability to download videos to watch them in the put away. It is also expected that there will be some content that will remain exclusive to the participants, which you can see in this list here.

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