The contents of the additional free game action Rage 2

The company announced the U.S. Bethesda , specialized in the deployment of video games provide game Rage 2 contents additional monthly free and paid, the beginning of the month of June until December 2019, in order to ensure the continuation of the growing fanbase of the game.

The free plugins between the issuer and new fashion disclosed monthly, in the month of August next will be the introduction of the first additional content driven, entitled Rise of the Ghost, which allows players to face new enemies appear in different areas of the abilities and new weapons, and at the end of the year will be put to the content of another task new vehicles.

Referred to to game Rage 2 of the development of the Swedish studio Avalanche, which is of the type of games theRPG (action) and open-world and role, was put up on May 14 th, available across platforms PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on personal computers.

And the events of the game in the first part of it about the collision of a comet hitting the Earth by the year 2029, converts it into ashes and the land barren, trying to survivors to trade with each other and establish a new civilization, but that civilization faces the risk of mutants and gangs the organization of The Authority, the task of the player is the face of that region and mutants.

The second part, set thirty years after the events of the first part, where the survivors had established their own communities after the recovery of the land, but society is still facing the risk of the organization of The Authority, which is becoming stronger than before, and the player has to face the region a skinwalker character Wllker who seeks revenge against the organization after it killed his family.

The game is characterized by being comprised of a large number of abilities, skills and weapons, as both a learnable skill three times, it is within the skill of the skill of Slam which cause a violent earthquake scattered the enemies, the skill Overdrive, which gives the player a greater possibility of inflicting damage on the opponent as they help to replenish the player’s health, and provides other skills strengthening the capacity of jogging and resistance to lead.

The game comprises a large number of vehicles ranging from racing cars, motorcycles and trucks of the unit, as well as includes a large number of deadly weapons like the Firestorm Revolver that shoots a pair of bullets once, and the Grave Dart Launcher that can players from injury of enemies and they are flying in the air.

And the game on four areas, some under the control of the human society but by some enemies, some other controlled area, an area Sekret Wetlands which is filled with marshes and to ring River Hogs, and The Wild is a forest dense, and the Torn Plains which is a place for many human settlements, and finally the area of the Dune Sea is the endless desert taken by the gang Immortal Shrouded headquarters.

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