The context ID Space Vizzion electric’s cut off 300 miles

Revealed Company’s in the Gallery LA Auto of the year 2019 for the car model ID Space Vizzion electric, that come in version final with cut distance of 300 miles, with a battery capacity of 82kWh.

Indicated the company’s plans to start the mass production policy ID Space Vizzion electric launch in the U.S. market by 2022.

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Comes the new model of the context ID Space Vizzion design, much more space compared to the Model ID Vizzion sedan which is provided from the company during the year 2018 in the exhibition Geneva Motor.

Featuring frames ID Space Vizzion led by 22-inch, while the length of the car 195.2 inches, any longer by 10 inches compared to a car Tiguan SUV for the year 2020, while maintaining the length of the car Atlas SUV almost up to 198.3 inches.

As the car comes between the production line ID from the company, where come all the cars in this series same electrical, only that Volkswagen has conducted changes to the design since versions the first of a series of “ID”.

And Volkswagen to be a car ID Space Vizzion supported by the electric motor comes in the rear to support the car 275 hp, as indicated by Volkswagen to its plans to develop model all-wheel drive of the car comes with you additional in the front axle of the car and aimed at the car tires to enhance the car’s power to 355 hp.

As characterized by the context ID Space Vizzion screen with multi-touch size of 15.6 inches, while the screen comes the second in a smaller size behind the wheel, also indicate’s that the information drive will be held on the windscreen with augmented reality, also comes the roof of the car design panoramic glass.

The context ID Space Vizzion also come without the door handles traditional style car Ford Mustang Mach-E revealed during this week, the design language of future cars, by the last working car ID Space Vizzion on lighting the touchpad on the doors of the car when the sensor is near the user of the vehicle, which requires to open the doors of pressure on the touch panel to confirm the open doors.

Also feature frames the context ID Space Vizzion B”wind turbines” which operate on the air flow pension and seamlessly through the car when driving too fast.

In the design of the vehicle ID Space Vizzion of home made VW the design of the seats and the doors and the armrest of AppleSkin, a substance that has been manufactured from recycled materials, specialized at the production of apple juice, with paint trying to Chrome, as characterized by the back of the car with a large area for storage, which is one of the points that will be in focus when you start mass production and marketing policy ID Space Vizzion.


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