The cool new Philips at IFA, which you didn’t know

Sometimes at shows like CES or IFA show so much new and interesting that, missing it initially detects only some time later. So happened with the Philips stand at IFA held in 2018.

Roma have already talked about the new TVs, but as it turned out, Philips showed a whole bunch of stuff interesting.


This is the thing that in the modern world will be useful to many urban dwellers. At first glance it’s just a blindfold to sleep. But this is so only partly. It’s not exactly a bandage, it is not the eye, but it to sleep.

So, I don’t know how to call this thing, but let it be dressing. The bandage is used in order to improve your sleep. It works like this. Sensors in the headband to track your sleep, determining its phase. When you are in deep sleep (slow-wave sleep), the bandage begins to reproduce quiet audio signals, which are designed to have a positive impact on the phase of deep sleep, the most restorative for the brain.

I think the physics of this process is very interesting, but it is unlikely to be understood by the uninitiated. In the end what is the “point” effect leads to enhanced wellbeing after waking up. If you believe most Philips, 70% of those who used the SmartSleep for two weeks felt less tired during the day and part of the test subjects felt the effect on the first day. However, the company clarifies that all subjects because of their way of life constantly enough sleep (sleep less than seven hours a day). Of course, there is a smartphone that monitors and records all, there is an intelligent algorithm adjusts to your sleep phase. In General, it’s a very interesting thing. I’d definitely try it. Only have 400 bucks. In addition, the sensors in the headband are only 1-3 nights, after which they need to change (lose adhesive properties). SmartSleep comes with 30 sensors, and a set of the same number is 30 bucks. That is, in the worst case, you have used daily in a month, it would take one set, and at best one in three months.

Philips S9000 Prestige

This electric shaver. Here to talk less, because the device is more familiar. I personally such devices do not use, but this particular model seems to me very stylish.

Of course, in the court in 2018, so the Philips S9000 Prestige is smart shaver. In particular, the sensors 15 times per second, estimate the density of your stubble, the razor constantly adapting to changing conditions. Philips claims that the razor is not afraid of even the seven-day stubble… I wrote, scratching his two-week.

In General, what else to write about. The blades are then reinforced by nanoparticles (don’t ask how), the ring is coated with a special material for the best slide, there is a Qi wireless charging, blades 72 and 150 000 ‘slices’ per minute (it says so on the website). And it is all good, but the price is 450 pounds.

Philips 5000 LatteGo

This coffee maker with the quick cleaning system flow of milk. More specifically, the site says the following: “an Innovative feeding system milk LatteGo, which simply set and cleared in less than 15 seconds, will give you a delicious drink with a delicate milk foam”.

I don’t know much about coffee, but soon I will purchase such a device, so this new me is more than interesting (Philips, I don’t mind if you give me some). Jokes jokes, and the model, as befits a top-end device, impressive. For example, in addition to the very quick cleaning, there is a filter for AquaClean does water, really cool design and from what I understand, the ability to cook different types of coffee.

More specifically, this model is called LatteGo 5000 EP5335/10. According to Ukrainian website, in our country it will be before the end of the current month. Price not announced, but it will be an expensive product.

Philips HR666

This top of the blender, which is also smart. Suffice it to say that there is quite a large color display and the ability to connect with a smartphone. Proprietary software not only tells you the recipe is delicious (or not) smoothies, but also can play the role of a nutritionist provide nutrition programs for various tasks, providing data on caloric value and the ratio of the main nutrients. Of course, blender is not a slow cooker for smaller, but still entertaining.

Unfortunately, this blender is also still available for purchase, so the technical parameters are unknown.

Here such here the device Philips showed at IFA 2018, and the majority of thematic resources, unfortunately, missed. What did you like most?

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