The correct ways to charge the battery of the iPhone

Feel a lot of dissatisfaction, when he sees the case his phone battery gets worse day after day and after a few hours. Forced to buy new batteries one after the other. This has been ascribed many of the experts that comes to our habits with charging the battery and handling, this is not a significant impact. Because most of us don’t charge his phone in the right way for long periods, and then buy after that. So we’ll explore together in this article on easy ways you can apply them to ensure the work of the battery more efficiently since the first moment of owning the phone. If you follow these methods throughout the life of your phone, there is no doubt that you will benefit from the potential of the battery to take full advantage.

He says most of us connect their phone to a charger before bedtime, and leave the phone shipped over night. And that it has a detrimental effect on the battery. Where the components of the lithium battery in particular are affected by such a process – see this article – provide company Cadax competent testing smart phones and batteries, a teaching free from batteries composition and how to use them called “University battery” or Battery University . And the company BusinessInsider range tips to extend battery life and improve efficiency:

Advice mental: avoid extreme heat

The No. 1 enemy of the undisputed batteries is the heat they are destroyed. Remember the Apple on its official website that the perfect heat is from zero to 35 in the case of the iPhone and the iPad and iPod hours Apple for for Mac they are from 10 to 35 degrees. The basic problem is that you charge your phone in high ambient temperature such as to charge it in the car and exposed the company Air Conditioning not working like. This is a disaster for the batteries. Shipping the same increases the temperature of the devices if you are in a place of temperature by more than 30 degrees and no air conditioner and we recommend that you charge your phone in them because of this damage “the damage of heat is cumulative, not immediate”.

If you charge your phone always at elevated temperatures up to or greater than 40, all other tips are secondary to you, no matter what I did it contains

Charge your phone dose level.

Old techniques were the batteries primitive than previously known battery damage from charging for short periods of time; each card will have a lifespan and connect to the charger means its charging but it’s different now with batteries polymer lithium-ion which is not too cargo short the same damage to the older generations; they count charge cycles to vacuum full. For example, if you use your phone battery from 80% to 20% “target 60%”, and then charge your phone to 50% and used it to 20% “use the 30% additional”, and then shipped to 86% understanding the total of the above “consumer” means 90% when you use your 10% they are considered to be consumed charge cycles. There was an old what ever means 3 cycles of charge because you plug it in 3 times to the network.

Following picture to indicate the charging cycle is from Apple’s official website

So don’t reduce the charging for short periods is not required to reach 100% and damage the phone is left for long periods any full night connected to the charger the largest. The web site Battery University to Shipping by vary all the Time Between 10% or 20% does not cause any harm.

Don’t let your phone battery fully implemented

We believe the Covenant close, that whenever I emptied the battery and charge it from zero to 100%, that’s good for the battery, but it proved the opposite, he reminded the experts that the deep discharge of battery and then charging it fully, it is actually bad for the battery, not only that, but working on the run out of them quickly.

Keep charging your battery between 65% to 75%, this is the best

Tips impossible development is more theoretical than it is practical, but we will remember to follow us is that here the level when the battery is the best level of just like cars that have the speed becomes the lowest fuel consumption “are often about the speed of 90 km”. In batteries of this level is 65% to 75%. And, of course, because it is impossible to try any of them, so the researchers mention that the next level is 45% to 75%. The second level is 25% to 75% which is the maximum level and it is not recommended to say the battery limit of 25%.

Isn’t charging your battery fully

Definitely remember the days of the Nokia phone antique 3310 and tip charging the battery 24 hours before using it, this is because of the type of battery and its components. The card today is composed of lithium which even in space, they do not need to full charge particularly low proportion less than 25%. Remember that while charging increase the temperature “the first advice is golden” and when the uniqueness of your phone and put it two hours in the charger they reach out to the highest possible temperature.

One last word

Other than the heat there is a killer of the battery so you don’t have to follow all the tips. The companies develop their phones and key on an ongoing basis; and most of the phones now stop charging when they reach 100%, so don’t worry about leaving it for long periods “there is damage but not significantly.” If I had to empty the battery to zero like, for any reason, don’t worry. Damage to the battery occurs cumulatively. Any if you are factor bad either charging in high heat or full sun etc and that it’s tens and hundreds of times they happen the damage; but if you’re doing this mutually to be going on with you once a week, don’t worry it won’t happen noticeable damage.

The tips listed apply to all devices and not exclusive to a company or a product; there may be slight variations in the case of laptops, but keep the basic tips such as temperature, discharge and full and.

Tell us about the way of charging you for your phone? And are there any tips or information that was new to us in this article?


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