The country of America is moving against the payment of ransom to Pirates

Take the country of America a collective decision against the attacks of the ransom that crippled the computer systems of government in cities in recent years, supported more than 225 of the mayor in all parts of the United States decision not to pay ransom to hackers, as reported The New York Times.

The resolution, entitled entitled “opposition to the defense of the perpetrators of the attacks of the ransom”, that the mayors stand united against the payment of ransom in case of a breach in information technology systems.

Targeted hacker – in accordance with resolution – at least 170 a system of systems, the county or the city or the State attacks the ransom since 2013, where he used to these attacks malicious software make systems inoperable.

Demands of Pirates (hackers) city officials support the form work coded to restore the systems.

It was adopted the resolution at the annual meeting the Eighty-Second Conference of heads of municipalities in the United States, which took place in late June and early July in Honolulu.

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The decision comes after approximately 24 city of American attacks ransom this year, including the city (Lake City) Florida, which paid 43 bitcoin to hackers in order to regain access to the phone systems and e-mail.

And reviewed the city of Baltimore in the month of May to attack and ransom demand caused the shutdown, the core of the city, and demanded the hackers responsible to pay the 13 bitcoin (worth 75 thousand dollars), but the city refused to pay.

It is estimated that the attack cost the city of Baltimore at least $ 18 million, said City mayor: the payment of ransom gives an incentive for more people to engage in this type of illegal behavior.

Although the resolution does not have any legal obligation, but it can be used as a formal justification of administrative procedures for federal, as it is in line with the recommendations of cyber security experts and the FBI (FBI).

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