The couple turned a storage for grain in luxury home

The creativity of some people continues to amaze. Especially when it comes to building houses. We have already seen the housethat copies of the lunar lander, and told us about amazing mobile homes for millionaires. In today’s article, we look at the luxury house, which became a granary.

A young couple from Phoenix moved into their new home immediately after the wedding. Shauna Thibault is a stylist and owns a boutique. Christoph Kaiser is an architect. Perhaps it is the profession of these young people affected their unusual decision during the selection of housing. In my house they turned the vault for grain with an area of 34 square meters.

Initially, Kaiser bought the granary in order to fill it with your gardening tools. Only after the purchase had a great idea that after 18 months of work turned store room for grains in dream house a young couple.

In their house there is room. On the top floor is the master bedroom, and downstairs kitchen and bathroom. Much of what can be seen inside their homes, made personally by the Kaiser, or made to order. The reason for the cylindrical shape of a silo. About any furniture corners could not be considered.

Had to manually do and a rounded sliding glass door. All arranged very compactly, but one Grand thing to have in the house. The projector allows you to watch movies at the curved wall opposite the bed. The couple can feel like in the cinema, being in my tiny house.

By the way, the Kaiser believes that their house is perfect for a young couple. They spend time together in a fairly compact space, and it brings them closer.

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