The court accuses Qualcomm’s monopoly on the chip market has smart phones and demands that it change its policy

المحكمة تتهم كوالكوم باحتكار سوق رقاقات الهواتف الذكية وتطالبها بتغيير سياستها

Ended the first round at least between the Commerce Commission of America and Qualcomm to go against the recent change in its policy in the market for chips in smart phone market due to the presence of monopolistic practices to control the area, according to the decision of the district judge in San Jose, Los ko.

The court found that Qualcomm violated the prevention policy is to retain control over the market asked a high percentage of the selling prices of each phone next to obtain a fixed rate for each chip or processor sells it, in addition to the signed agreements prevent some companies from dealing with others at the same time.

But the strange this is that it comes nearly a month after a judge ruled last favor of Qualcomm in its case with Apple because of the problems related to patents, although the Apple was her case centered around the context of Qualcomm’s monopoly.

The rule says that Qualcomm was killing the competition in the market and damage rivals the others and therefore customers and end users, with the development of its chip technology, the fifth generation, it looks like it will continue. So I ordered that the company sells the chip by licensing the patent at a price fair and reasonable.

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