The court allowed the MacBook Pro to sue Apple

Not all decisions made by Apple, does her good. One based on the design concept of reducing the size of its devices, the company has been forced to endure the associated inconveniences. She suffered not only reliability, but also the functionality of proprietary brand products that simply could not fail to notice consumers. But if one simply resigned to the defects detected, the other is not only hastened to Express to the company his dissatisfaction, but also asked the court for protection of their interests.

Keyboard MacBook Pro – a serious reason to sue Apple

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Last year against Apple first filed suit, the subject of which was the low reliability of the keyboard type “butterfly”, installed in the MacBook Pro. The applicants asked the judge to declare the company guilty of inaction, expressed in the lack of attempts to eliminate the problem of sticking, and to oblige it to make changes in the design of the keyboard unit, so you can use it without fear of spontaneous failure. Apple held the claim to be groundless and asked the court to leave it without movement. But, according to Reuters, judge Edward Davila decided that the petition of the plaintiffs is fully justified and denied the company’s lawyers.

How guilty Apple

Apple changed the defective keyboard “butterfly” are the same, and this is her fault

According to the judge, Apple has for several years supplied its customers with laptops with a defective keyboard. Despite the fact that the company knew about it, she not only refused to use it, but even failed to take any effective measures in order to rectify the situation. But far worse is the fact that Apple has set the same keyboard in the laptops, whose owners asked for warranty service due to failure of the individual keys, which is absolutely unacceptable from the point of view of common sense and rights of consumers.

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In fact, in its ruling, the judge opened the way for class actions, allowing the users of MacBook and MacBook Pro models released after 2015, demand from Apple compensation for the suffering incurred due to her admitted design defects. The court does not mention MacBook Air 2018, but since it is also equipped with the same keyboard as other models, most likely its owners will also be allowed to sue Apple. Not that it was impossible to do before, just now all requests of this type will be dealt with in a single process.

Sue Apple the right thing to do

Of course, I do not determine the correctness of the decision of a judge, but as a consumer I would be glad that the court took into account my dissatisfaction with the technique of Apple, for which he was paid a lot of money. Even here it doesn’t matter how in Cupertino are positioning their equipment and how to evaluate it. It is important that companies have on the nose for what she is for five years mocked users, believing that a bit of conjuring over unsustainable keyboard, it will solve everything, forcing users to pay for its experiments out of pocket.

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