The court banned the hacked exchange BitGrail to resume work

Italian exchange BitGrail, one of the largest centers of trading cryptocurrencies Nano in February, lost $ 170 million due to a hacker attack. In the following months, the trading platform has tried to resume work. To do this in the near future will not work because of the ban of the Italian government. This writes the CCN.

Cryptocurrency exchanges against the court

Now the exchange is in bankruptcy. 3 thousand users BitGrail appealed to the court of Florence, demanding to ban the trading floor to resume the activity they fear that the owners of the exchange may withdraw the remaining money and destroy evidence.

The head of the trading platforms Francesco Pirano previously accused of stealing money coin developers Nano. He believes that in the code of the token originally provided by the vulnerability, which allowed cyber criminals to steal the money and leave no trace. His guilt in the theft Hirano denies.

In early may, the developers of Nano issued a statement. It said error in code BitGrail, which allowed to withdraw funds. The company added that they are ready to provide the owners of the coins a free legal help in court with the exchange.

In addition to the ban on the resumption of the activities of the exchange, the court arrested the company’s assets and imposed a temporary administration on the trading floor.

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