The court requiring the imprisonment of the pirate who was behind the hacking of Yahoo in five years


Suffered Yahoo the process of a huge breakthrough in 2014, which affected about 500 million users. Was arrested the pirate, who was behind this hack. Sentenced now sentenced to five years for his role in a hack that thinks he’s been measure him by Russian spies. Confirms the person concerned, Karim Baratov he wasn’t aware that he worked for Russian spies where he did not look to the customers who have hired his services.

Reported the Ministry of justice that the name of Karim Baratov responded when it was accused two Russians of being behind a penetrate of Yahoo in 2014. They were the ones who supplied him with the data of the hack that you used Karim Baratov after that hack into private email accounts of journalists the Americans and the Russians, and employees in private companies, government officials, and other important people.

I think Karim Baratov attacks, electronic fraudulent to get the passwords to the goals which then transferred to his or her contacts Russian for money. It is believed that he reaped $ 1.1 million by doing so, it spent that money to buy a house and a car.

The court ordered the now Karim Baratov to pay a fine of up to $ 2.25 million and to pay compensation to his victims if he has any property left after that. The rule also Karim Baratov 23-year-old jailed for five years.


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