The Creator of Doom and Quake spoke about Steve Jobs and his attitude towards the game

John Carmack is known for his work on the legendary games Quake, Doom and Wolfenstein 3D. He recently made a post on Facebook that may be of interest to us. In it, he talked about his work with the founder of Apple Steve jobs. The relationship between the two creators of the legendary products were built not just. From his words we can also draw conclusions about the relationship of jobs to computer games.

The relationship of Steve jobs and Carmack started back when Steve worked at NeXT. Carmack wanted to add the logo “Developed on NeXT” to the original version of the game Doom. This logo was not destined to appear, but Steve jobs and Carmack continued their relationship, despite the fact that, according to Carmack, jobs was not very high opinion about games.

It is obvious that Carmack realized in games of more jobs. According to him, talking to Steve it was very difficult, as it is with full confidence talked about things that simply had a misunderstanding. In the end, Carmack has provided sufficient argument can be made that Apple started working with OpenGL. After that, Carmack has participated in several presentations of Steve jobs. According to him, it was always associated with incredible stress, bustle and lack of time for making the right decisions.

There was even a story that Steve jobs asked Carmack to make a report on the day of his wedding. Jobs asked him to move the wedding day for the sake of appearances. Carmack refused.

Their relationship continued to develop after the release of the iPhone. Carmack advocated for native applications, while jobs was sure that the iPhone needs to work with web applications. Between them was a fierce debate, and many Apple employees comforted him that Steve supposedly “appreciates energetic conversation.”

But finally, the relationship of Steve jobs and Carmack got corrupted when the latter made some unwanted thought jobs ‘ comments to the press. Rumor has it that Steve personally ordered not to give the Carmack early access to the iPhone SDK when it was developed. More John Carmack never talked to Steve.

Even more interesting details about Steve Jobs and John Carmack you can learn from its publication in Facebook.

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