The Creator of the iPod called Apple to deal with the dependence of people on iPhone

Apple should pay more attention to the problem of dependency on smartphone, helping its customers to deal with it, said Tony Fadell, the former head of Department of development of the iPod. For this the company needs to create a visual tool to control the time spent by people in the use of mobile technology.

“Take for example the concept of healthy eating, says Fadell journalists Wired. — Thanks to scientists and nutritionists, we know how much proteins fats and carbs should be in our diet, we also have standardized scales to measure the weight of norms and the minimum required activity.”

The same applies for the control of our “digital” power supply, I am sure “father” of the iPod. “Excessive tracking of user activity will help many of them to make the right decision, he said. — People need to know that they stayed [behind the screens of their smartphones] and they should do something abstract”.

It would be nice to inform users about the time they spent with their smartphones in the form of extract, similar to that we receive monthly from the Bank, says Fadell. There would be presented a detailed analysis of what we have paid more attention and how much time it ultimately took.

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