The crypto currency exchange daily inflate the trading volume at $ 6 billion. Who scored more than others?

More than 70 percent of the one hundred largest cryptocurrency exchanges on Coinmarketcap significantly overstate the volume of trading and engaging in money laundering. This is stated in the study Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI), which leads

Analysts BTI analyzed data for 130 cryptocurrency exchanges — found that together they overstate the trading volume at $ 6 billion. The worst situation in five exchanges of the top 10 — BCEX (12th, trading volume is overstated in the 22 thousands of times), LBank (11, 4.4 thousand times), Bit-Z (9, 469 times), ZB (6th place 391 times) and Bibox (8th place, 85 times).

What’s the exchange inflate trading volume

For example, the exchange Lbank and ZB, which are among the top ten stock exchanges in Coinmarketcup, they claim to have the volume of trading in the area of 214 000 and 74 000 dollars per user per day, respectively. It’s strange given the fact that the well-known highly liquid trading platform Bitfinex, Coinbase have Binance and from 5000 to 8500 dollars for one visitor a day.

In my own rating of BTI took first place Binance, followed by Bitfinex, Coinbase, and Kraken Bithumb. The above exchange, which researchers are accused of inflating trading volume, was not included even in the top 100.

While the exchange has not commented on the study, and Coinmarketcup did not update its rating in accordance with the results BIT.

In March, researchers cryptocurrency startup Dashlan estimatedthat systems identify users, 70 percent of the 35 largest cryptocurrency exchanges have bugs that expose them to financial risks.

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