The curvature of the iPad Pro new – is replies Apple TV compelling?!

A while ago, numerous reports talking about the presence of the curvature of the marked and normal in some of the iPad Pro that was announced in late 2018 after a brief period to use it. These reports pushed Apple to respond more than once on more than one occasion on those allegations, but did their responses logical and convincing to justify these allegations, the mother left the owners of those devices at a loss bigger?! انحناء أجهزة آيباد برو الجديدة - هل ردود آبل مقنعة ؟!

 انحناء أجهزة آيباد برو الجديدة - هل ردود آبل مقنعة ؟!

Apple .. for these reasons, bend the iPad Pro!

In a statement earlier Apple moved the location of The Verge on the tongue of the museum updated the official said that the deviation in the iPad Pro 2018 is very slight, which is a side of the manufacturing process and can get worse over time or adversely affect the performance of those devices.

Usually Apple again to confirm what she said earlier and this time via its official website published the details of the process of manufacturing the iPad Pro New where it was mentioned that Apple used a new method in the manufacture of the metal body devices support cellular 4G LTE. This method includes the incorporation of plastic parts vertically in the metal body to cause Antennas to improve the quality of the signal, after it is exposed to elevated temperatures to ensure all the parts together.

High temperature – according to Apple – has cause to make the metal body of the iPad bend a bit, there are devices you opportunities later to exclude any units increases its curvature from the normal limit provided by Apple about 400 microns, less than the thickness of four sheets of paper.

Clearly, Apple acknowledged that the allegations are without to think its a defect in the device confirmed the validity of its organs and the processes of retrieval devices iPad after purchasing it did not exceed the natural proportions in the past.

تقرير - أجهزة آيباد برو 2018 أكثر عرضة للانحناء والثني!

IPad Pro 2018 is suffering from regression

هل هذا انحناء طبييعي؟!

Is this the curvature of the natural?!

Is replies Apple TV compelling?!

Does not mean reply Apple TV that everything is fine, the complaints made by users reported that the device is curved significantly, particularly when you put the machine on a level surface, and that this deviation was visible since the beginning of the use of or increases with time.

Also reply Apple TV with dissemination of the details of the manufacturing process raises doubts about the rigidity and the metal body of the iPad Pro 2018, which may already be more vulnerable and bending and bending and if exceeded the testing phase successfully during manufacturing.

Anyway, whether you use a cold apple or not, or you are going to acquisition the device or bought it already, you only need to return the device if I see any obvious flaws in it whatever including having an abnormal curvature in the outer body within 14 days from the date of purchase according to the policy of Apple product sold, after that period you may encounter difficulty in returning the device.

It is worth mentioning that the channel JerryRigEverything on YouTube made a video to test the durability of your iPad Pro 2018 which showed the ease of bending of the device once being beaten strongly medium at the middle.

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