The curved screen may up of Samsung phones available

Samsung began to use screens with curved model, the Galaxy Note Edge in 2014, and developed to become a symbol of its phones leading the day, but it seems that the Korean giant may work the use of screens curved in the rest of the phones.

This comes according to a patent submitted by Samsung to the US Patent Office last year, and did not give it to me only last week.

Describes the patent for a new technology of LCD screens can use regular backed with plastic, to enable its applicability to manufacturing curved and lack of fragility, which indicates the probability of having LCD screens curved offers high resistance against breakage phones Company available and economic.

This envisages the development of technology in the future for the way women are economic of phones collapsible, but currently it seems that Samsung will focus on bringing them to regular phones.

Didn’t know Samsung in an official capacity for the use of screens, curved smartphones, but the patent reflects our thinking at least, knowing that the probability of non-access of young women into a real product remains as is the case with a lot of patents.

Recall that Samsung announced a few months ago trying to distinguish the category of phones expected characteristics of a leader, but it seems that it would be at the expense of other aspects of the replacement screens super for screen LCD, the beginning of the Galaxy A8s.

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