The data collected from your Facebook Portal will be used for targeted advertising

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With all the reactions faced by Facebook in regard to how the company’s cooperation with data users as well as the scandals of privacy, must be the company’s decision to launch your video chats Home Facebook Portal questionable really. However, Facebook tried to reduce concerns about this by pointing out that the device does not listen to users or display or save video chats in the company’s servers.

However, it seems that Facebook want to clarify that but not in a good way, because in the statement has been submitted to the site Recode by a spokesman for the company, it seems that although it does not record video chats or saved, the how to use your device and applications that you use on the device may be used to display targeted ads on products and services facebook other.

Came statement to Recode as follows : ” video conversations on your Facebook Portal based on the platform of Facebook Messenger core, so when you make a conversation video on the Facebook Portal, we collect the same types of information ( such as usage data and the length of conversations and number talks ) that we collect on other devices that support the platform of Facebook Messenger. We may use this information for the ads we show to you via our platforms. Usage data and other public, such as the use of the macro for applications etc., may be used to cover the information that we use to display ads “.

But according to Rafa Camargo, head of the team responsible for your Facebook Portal, it says that this means the possibility to use the data, but it seems that Facebook does not intend to use it. It remains to be seen whether Facebook will remain at its promise, but we imagine that, for a company come from the numerous scandals related to privacy, it seems that your Facebook Portal will be hard-won sales because of the difficulty of persuading consumers.


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