The date of the launch of the Facebook e-GlobalCoin

It is known that Facebook is developing its encrypted GlobalCoin, designed the social network to launch sometime next year, as Facebook already has all of the U.S. Treasury and the Bank of England about its plans, has reported the BBC reports that Facebook is planning to create a payment system digital in about 12 countries by the first quarter of 2020.

Want giant social media start in the selection process by the encoded, which is referenced internally as GlobalCoin by the end of this year, is expected to happen Facebook plans in more detail this summer, has held talks already with Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, where he met with founder Mark Zuckerberg Mr. Carney last month to discuss the opportunities and risks involved in the launch of the consultation.

Games facbook for the launch of GlobalCoin

فيسبوك يحدد موعد إطلاق GlobalCoinFacebook determines the launch date GlobalCoin

Company seeks Facebook also to advise on operational issues and development of officials in the Treasury Department, as well as experience of the company is also in talks with money transfer companies, including Western Union, where looking for the cheapest and fastest methods for people who do not have a bank account to send and receive money.

The report of last year that the focus was on enabling users WhatsApp transfer funds between countries, while the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) suggest that a more ambitious project, aims to provide currency for online transactions, especially for those who do not have bank accounts.

It also notes the British Broadcasting Corporation, will not be GlobalCoin is the first attempt to Facebook using the digital currency, where he created the Facebook Credits again in 2010 as a way for users to pay for virtual goods, but it didn’t work big thing and abandon the project in 2012, because Facebook doesn’t have exactly the best reputation at the moment when it comes to protecting user data, it may be great demand from people that they trust it with virtual currency is very important.

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This was one of the issues raised by the Senate committee and the U.S. when she wrote to CEO Mark Zuckerberg to get a number of clarifications about the proposal, so I wondered what are the privacy and consumer protection enjoyed by users under the new payment system?, and To the extent that it has received Facebook financial information of consumers of financial companies, what do Facebook this information, how does Facebook protect the information?.

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