The deal combines the United States and China to lift the ban on Huawei

In the meeting between US President Donald Trump and the president of China Xi Jinping, US President, Trump announced the start of lifting the ban on Huawei, that the limited lifting of the ban at the current time to allow the Chinese giant beginning to deal with the suppliers of the United States.

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Problem seems to be that Huawei is on its way to gradually reduce during the next period, where the president announced Donald Trump about the possibility of buying Huawei be data devices in the coming period suppliers of the United States, not included in this resolution, the sale of Huawei’s products within the markets of the United States.

The declaration of the Trump during a conference in Osaka in Japan, where he pointed out during his remarks that this statement confirms the lack of a serious security problem with a Huawei.

Recall that the American administration had begun a major campaign during the financial period in which the charges of the giant of Chinese trade through the network of the 5G, but Huawei has denied these accusations, that led to the decision of the Prohibition of consecutive Huawei recently.


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