The deal – the first appearance of a live phone Lenovo Z5s with a hole in the middle of the screen!

After the shouts of the notes it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of holes in the phones 2019, after leaking the design of the new Samsung with a hole in the screen, which was followed by a leak for the HUAWEI nova 4 hole also, the site published sparrowsnews a set of leaked images and video for phone for Lenovo Z5s with a hole in the screen!

As it looks in the picture above, I decided to Lenovo to change the location of the hole in the camera to come in the middle of the screen and not in one of the two sides as explained by the design of the operations of Samsung, Huawei and generally accepted until now.

That place the new camera to make them fall in the middle of the status bar exactly, which is good and bad at the same time, as shown in the picture, centering the hole in the middle of the status bar makes it does not represent a major obstacle in the use of the screen at full size, but on the other side might affect the preview of notifications that can be previewed from the status bar.

For further illustration a site to publish a video clip the fact the phone shows the full design does not include it:

Was Lenovo has announced the launch date of the phone in September by an announcement trailer of the phone placed in the hole in the middle of the screen, and is expected to come Lenovo Z5s screen of 6.3 inches, it will be the first phone with a camera triple from Lenovo, is expected to depend on the chipset Snapdragon 8150 or Snapdragon 675, but the information is not confirmed yet.

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