The dealer of the darknet seized 700 thousand dollars in the cryptocurrency. OxyMonster sit for 20 years

U.S. district judge Robert Scola sentenced 36-year-old Gala Vallerius to 20 years in prison. On the drug market, Dream Market on the darknet convict known by the nickname Oxymonster. He was convicted of money laundering and the drug trade. Back in June, CCN reported that in 2017, the Atlanta airport, the police detained the citizen of France and Israel. He participated in the world Championship of beards and mustache in Austin, Texas.

Major confiscation of cryptocurrency

Agreeing to a plea deal, Valerius confessed to selling illegal substances through the darknet. The payment he took in the cryptocurrency, cooperation with the investigation implies that a convicted person will provide all passwords and access their accounts. In favor of the state and he confiscated all the income from illegal activities. To be precise – more than 100 BTC and BCH 120, which is equivalent to 700 thousand dollars.

What will happen to the confiscated cryptocurrency.

Many people immediately think that the US government is going to do with so many of crypto currency.

It should be noted that precedents have already been. In 2015 the Creator of Silk Road Ross Ulbricht received a life sentence. Then the government confiscated his laptop, which was 144 336 BTC. Even despite the fact that at the moment the price of BTC has just exceeded $ 300, the total seizure amounted to $ 48 million. After the money has been sold at several auctions. Then the government was criticized for the haste, because bitcoins could be sold much more expensive.

In late March, the U.S. marshals Service sold at auction 2170 bitcoin worth 17.6 million dollars. It is noteworthy that 2100 coins bought by one person. Read more about the situation can be found in this article.

It is unclear whether the government plans to conduct auctions or this time, will wait for the growth of the coin.

Information prepared in CCN. More data look at cryptodata.

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