The death of ASIC-miner. KashMiner from Kodak was only a fantasy

In January, the technology trade show CES in Las Vegas Kodak, whose name the whole world associates with cameras, decided to try to enter the world of cryptocurrency and mining. It KashMiner promised to bring $ 9,000, but cost a third of this amount. Today’s news that he came to an end.

The company faced harsh criticism. Many have said that Kodak decided to go out with his KashMiner only to raise the stock price. Moreover, not all believe that the product from Kodak is capable claimed. As it turned out later, all the promises of the company were really high.

What killed Kodak

Originally KashMiner was supposed to be delivered and leased under the license of the brand Spotlight, used for lighting devices Kodak. In the BBC found that none of the miners were not delivered, and the company has never received a formal license. This is very curious, poskolku the representative told BBC Spotlight about hundreds KashMiner, which should arrive soon and join the 80 available.

Today CEO of Spotlite Halston Mikail assures that the project is not started to be implemented and will not start. The company plans to develop its own direction of mining, and Kodak in this story does not involved. Here’s to you and Kodak.

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