The debugger in the level of Google up all the users G Suite

مصحح الأخطاء في مستندات قوقل يصل جميع مستخدمي G Suite

The speed of writing or translation, resulting in a lot of often spelling or grammatical errors may result in errors of poor translation also, but it’s always difficult to address the health and strength of the text automatically, which make Google put a huge weight on the development of the tools of artificial intelligence to provide in the application documents.

The company had developed the property in July, relies heavily on artificial intelligence based on locating mistakes to correct them and fire to users of the package the G-Suite, but was activated by the officials of the participants for the rest of the team, but now it has allowed the company to tool for all users of the package.

Grammar Suggestions with Device GIF

With this expansion, the proposals to modify the words and phrases will start to appear within the red lines below words will provide suggestions to replace them in other words at the top or by right-clicking within the list of dropdown options.

This feature was exclusive to users of the G Suite for business, but it will be for the rest of the subscribers of the package later, either jointly primary or corporate and other.

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