The declaration of OnePlus 6T does not know the real design of the phone

Spotted your ads with a phone and plus the latest OnePlus 6T, which show the phone design and not a real dialogue over the thinnest on the design which launched the phone on the ground.

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Seek the Giants of manufacturing the phone often to promote distinctive versions of smart phones a lot of ways, except that some companies abandon the limits of credibility in the announcement of the phones new.

We have already seen in the last period of the campaign Lenovo to promote the phone Z5 which appeared without frames almost, and without the bump the top screen in the photo ads trailer to the phone before its launch officially, at the time, launched the phone design, featuring extrusion of the upper frames clear.

OnePlus 6T

It is a new track and I Plus the same house with the idea last OnePlus 6T, which is monitoring in the declaration which was spread on social networks design featuring frames too skinny to abandon the original design of the phone, where the phone comes in the declaration with the game Fortnite that appears on the screen to view full screen where has been removed the bottom edge of the almost, has also been reduced black color around the camera is great to carry almost with the design of the screen.


I know of

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