The Declaration officially about the smart watch Apple Watch Series 4, attaches great interest to


As already anticipated, the Apple just slide the curtain officially about its smart latest Apple Watch Series 4 in an event held by the police at the scene of Steve Jobs in its headquarters city of Cupertino, USA. This smart watch is the latest from Apple come with a new design and with a range of new features that make it more than just a smart watch, the best of all the smart watches available in the market today note that focus on the aspect of communion and fitness, as well as many other aspects.


The backend for the smartphone of the new Apple Watch Series 4 made of ceramic and Sapphire. This allows radio frequencies to pass easily from the front and rear with the aim of improving cellular service. When it comes to side button Digital Crown, it has now become the vibrations during use, which provides a sense of the mechanic more during use.

Although it did not change the dimensions of the new smart watch, they experienced a 30 percent increase on the level of the screen size by reducing the frame surrounding the note that it will provide this smart Watch New in two sizes, namely 40mm and 44mm. As you can expect, Apple is also in the new smart watch Apple Watch Series 4 to update the user interface so that the fonts and icons bigger now while improving existing features to provide more information at a glance. Thanks to the Processor Apple S4 new user in the new smart watch which has two nuclei-core 64bit, it has become the Apple Watch Series 4 now faster by about twice the efficiency more in energy consumption which makes the former able to work a full day on a single charge.


One of the outstanding features of the new Apple Watch Series 4 is the ability to perform electrocardiogram. She told Apple that this feature makes the Apple Watch Series 4 is the first product able to perform electrocardiogram is allowed to sell it directly to consumer Without Prescription. Depends on the electrodes embedded in the button, Digital Crown, which works in conjunction with sensor heartbeat new to provide electrocardiogram within 30 seconds.

It is worth mentioning that the sensor hits the new heart is able to analyse signals and even alert the user if there are signs of atrial fibrillation. Are saved all the recordings of electrocardiogram, classifications, and symptoms in a PDF file in the application of Apple Health so that you can share it easily with doctors.

Smart watch Apple Watch Series 4 took a great interest with the user. WatchOS system 5 used in this smart Watch New analyzes sporadic heart rhythms in the background, then sends a notification if the discovery of an irregular rhythm in the heart. It can also provide alerts if the increased rate of impulses by the user or if is down to levels not unusual.

Detection of fall, ” Fall Detection ” is a feature new to the smart watch Apple Watch Series 4. It used the accelerometer, gyroscope, new two hourly smart and able to measure up to 32 grams with custom algorithms to determine when to treat the user from falling severe. You will know the previous smart alert some falling which can be ignored or used to call emergency services. Will automatically call emergency if previous use of the lack of motion for 60 seconds after the notification.

Additional improvements were made on the features of fitness as well. Yoga and long walks are exercises where a new special where you can travel smart tracking calories burned and minutes the workout to end the cycle of activity.

On the other hand, has been improved communication through the Walkie-Talkie, which is an important feature to allow calls from an hour to another via WiFi or a cell phone. And feature the Apple Podcast for users to listen to the training audio data on the scene. Moreover, it has been also improve the speaker and move the mic away from him as much as possible to increase the quality of calls on your smartwatch.

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