The declaration officially about the smart watch Lenovo Carme with color display, certificate of IP68

Lenovo Carme

The company Lenovo industry leader in computers detects the phone as new in the last week, two Lenovo A6 Note and the Lenovo K10 Note. Today, the company announced the Chinese about a new Smart Watch called the name of Lenovo Carme.

It incorporates smart new Lenovo Carme color screen touch sensitive size 1.3 inch display protected with a layer of glass-bending parties, making it easier for users to share content on the screen from different angles. According to the company Lenovo, has designed this smartwatch to display notifications for text messages and missed calls on the screen, and to provide many of the fitness features like the pedometer sensor heart rate and monitor sleep pattern. Can this smart watch also monitor the various sporting activities.

Apart from that, comes the smart watch Lenovo Carme further with features such as weather forecast and the timer and alarm, and can also help you in finding your phone if it is misplaced. As is the case with most of the smart watches available in the market today, the smart Lenovo Carme new certified IP68 which means that you don’t have to take it off during the practice swim.

Coupled with previous smart new Lenovo Carme with smartphones supported by Android and iOS via Bluetooth 4.2 with the knowledge that they include a battery with a capacity of 200mAh, which company claims Lenovo as being able to provide up to seven days from use.

Come Lenovo Carme with elastic waistband will offer two colors, namely black and green. The price of this smart watch 3499 Indian rupees, equivalent to USD 50, will be offered for sale initially in India by traffickers, FlipKart and Croma as of September 15.


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