The decline in revenue Samsung, and even better on the Galaxy S10 in the second half of 2019

Samsung revealed today its financial results for the fourth quarter and final of the 2018 as well the financial results for the year as a whole, which showed a decrease in the company’s revenue for the quarter which is considered at least over the last two years, where was the profit in 10.8 trillion KRW (approximately US $ 9.7 million) with a decline of around 28.7% from the same quarter of 2017 who scored 15.15 trillion won (about $ 13.5 million) income total 59.27 trillion won (approximately $ 53.5 million) at the rate of annual decline of 10%.

It was noted Samsung in its appropriation directions issued by the beginning of January to hit in revenue due to the demand for its sales of semiconductor production lines-a-chip, as long its forecast to cool this pressure to include the first half of the year with the expectation of improvement in this aspect in the second half of the year due to the panels OLED displays and products of different volumes.

This reduction also, following the significant decline experienced in smartphone shipments globally, with the proportion of the decline in the Chinese market the biggest in the world to 14%, which led to the decline of Samsung’s earnings of 2.4 trillion won last year to 1.5 trillion won this quarter in the smartphone market.

As explained to the company that it expects half a year different in 2019 optimistic by the multiple treatments that going on her head phones Galaxy S10 phones folding as well as TV devices microSD Leeds and artificial intelligence techniques as in chip its and contributions of other market services, the fifth generation, knowing that the results of the company generally continued to achieve record figures higher than the rates of previous years where its annual turnover has reached 243.77 trillion KRW by 2018.

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