The decline in shipments of iPhones and Huawei in the Chinese market

Financial results for Apple a decline in the revenue of iPhones a quarter of the first year of 2019, as the company this is a potential downside to the decline of shipments of handsets globally as a decline observed in the largest global market for phones is the Chinese market, and on the other side lost Huawei announced about Nthe past , explaining growth in the area as in previous years, which means importing it on the good part of share to Apple and handset manufacturers other market global and China special that you think ahead of him now.

Has shown a study to IDC research weak demand for phones in the Chinese market by 9.7 in the last quarter of 2018 where the affected by Apple and significantly led to the decline of the demand for the iPhone increased by 20% taking into account the other reasons played an important role also a high price for copying iPhone and different the failure of large numbers of users to replace their old machines and their list later.

As the report showed IDC dip in the share Shawty market during the same quarter to about 35% during the last months of 2018, while the growth of phone shipments in China increased by 23% Huawei, 3% Lviv and 1.5% up on the basis of an annual rate.

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