The demand for mining-hotels in Russia increased six-fold since the beginning of the year

In February, the company Mining Observer launched her eponymous app, which allows miners to monitor their farms on any pool. If during production something goes wrong, the program sends a notification to the smartphone user. The app is convenient for customers so-called mining hotels, where the owners of the mining farms can for a fee to place its equipment. Especially considering the fact that since the beginning of January, the number of such facilities increased six-fold.

Where to rent a room for mining

The growing number of mining-hotels in Russia, writes “Kommersant” with reference to the study service of free announcements “Yula”. Most of them are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Next, by a wide margin are the Chelyabinsk and Nizhny Novgorod.

As representatives of “Yuly” from the beginning of March, the number of search queries for “mining-hotel” on the site has grown in 9,5 times, “a hotel for mining” 4 times, “data center for mining” — 3.5 times.

Together with the growing number of offerings on the market and tougher competition, leading to lower prices. In January, the average rate was 3750 rubles, in February — 3140 roubles, and by the beginning of March dropped to 2550 rubles.

Cheaper rent for mining cost in Ivanovo (1 thousand rubles) and Ufa (1.5 thousand rubles). The most expensive options are located in Chelyabinsk (4,5 thousand) and Tyumen (5 thousand rubles).

The growing popularity of mining hotels due to the difficulties associated with the installation of equipment in the apartment, the Director of Enigma, co-founder of cryptocurrency Fund ICG Igor Nurtdinov.

The room should be well ventilated, the equipment is not overheated. It should be dry, have a stable working channel of electricity, to be protected from fire.

The average cost of services lease of facilities for the production of cryptocurrencies, according to his estimates, is 7-8 thousand rubles a month.

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