The demand for phones iPhone 11 new higher than average, according to a new report

iPhone 11

Become phones iPhone 11 three new Apple available for pre-order in last Friday, and now according to a recent report, it appears that demand for these smart phones new three was higher than expected.

This news came from the Chinese old Ming-Chi Kuo who revealed that the iPhone 11 Pro Green, and the iPhone 11 green and purple are the most popular so far, so stated by saying : ” shipping times for both iPhone 11 Pro Green, and the iPhone 11 green and purple that stretched to two weeks or more. Charging times other models are shorter than ten days. It should be noted that the energy and green glass for iPhone new face some problems on the production level, this makes the shipping times are longer “.

It seems that the models Pro iPhone 11 Series The New receive request is higher in the United States, while have iPhone 11 the request of the highest in China. It is expected that the Apple shipment of 70 to 75 million units of its phones before the end of this year, that’s a little over by about 5 million from previous estimates.

The information listed on the official site of Apple indicates that it will be charging some models of cell phones iPhone 11 new in the first week of the month of October with the knowledge that it will be launching these three phones are the new in the first batch of countries next Friday 20 September.


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