The demo version of the browser application Samsung get Night Mode and One UI

According to Android Police, Samsung has released a new update to the demo version of the application browser Samsung Internet Browser. It has got version v9.2 now on the user interface, One UI that will save most of the contents of the executable to the bottom of the screen, and thus, the use of screen phones and long is the best and easiest.

Moreover, the demo version of the app to night mode too, as he was changing the menu from the list of text vertical to the box containing the illustrations.

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Includes demo version, also a new feature called Smart Anti-Tracking which used machine learning to a range of external actors that haunt you on the internet, where it will be blocked these ranges, therefore, will not be able to access cookies. Can enable this feature by going to Settings> Privacy & Security> anti-tracking smartphone (Smart Anti-Tracking).


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