The dental chair will feel your fear

Many, even some of the most fearless people feel an inexplicable fear of visiting the dentist. Even despite the fact that all manipulations are painless. However, if the pain is easy to dull, but with a sense of fear, things are more complicated. But recently, scientists have introduced a new intelligent dental chair, which will “feel” the fear of man. This chair, according to developers, will help people be less afraid of dentists and overall better monitor their health.

For the invention meet the experts of the Center of dentistry, University Columbiae. In the upcoming experiment, all visitors to the clinic at the University will receive a special wristband RFID technology (Radio Frequency identification, RFID). This bracelet uses a special label for automatic identification of objects dental office and not only. The device will record how and how long you used dental instruments, and patient positioning. In addition, the performance of the person will follow “smart” chair. It will measure heart rate and oxygenation level, the level of stress and tension.

Now about how it will help less to fear: information from all these sensors will be transmitted to the doctor and he on the basis of the analysed data will be able to understand in advance that the person “be afraid” that will allow the doctor to change tactics, to suspend the procedure and reassure the patient in advance. In addition, it will also display the level of stress and pain, which will also give the opportunity to improve therapy. But that’s not all: experts want to make your chair a certain element in the prevention of diseases. As stated by the press service of the University Columbiae,

“The findings will help to link the state of the patient’s teeth with his overall health status. It will be possible to identify the dependence and the first signs of cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular disease. When you are all right — you’re much more likely to visit the dentist than an ordinary therapist. And over time, the dental chair will become a place where you can easily check and blood sugar levels and to see if you have a good heart and other organs.”

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