The Deputy of the state Duma called cryptocurrency wrappers

Since then, cryptocurrencies have become popular, investors, bankers and government officials practicing in inventing insults to the digital assets. In may, Warren Buffett called Bitcoin rat poison and added that the coin is held only in the interest of investors.

Now the number of cryptonemiales joined the head of the Duma Committee on information, information technologies and mass communications Leonid Levin. The Deputy called cryptocurrency wrappers, wrote the RNS.

What is cryptocurrency? The Deputy

Levin said that digital assets are not worth anything but software. However, investments in them carry huge risks.

We don’t have the ban for citizens on the purchase of a particular currency. Another issue is that you have to buy? You buy in fact wrappers. You are buying faith in a kind of software that can save money, can increase. But if you can lose, and no warranty for providing this kind of funds you have placed.

Levin chaired the Committee on information technology relatively recently — in December 2017. Let’s hope that other Russian politicians hold more progressive views on cryptocurrency. The answer to this question will know in the fall when the state Duma adopts a law on the crypt. And while we wait.

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