The design of Snapchat new Android take the curve wider

تصميم سناب شات الجديد على أندرويد يأخذ منحنى أوسع

In November last year, announced Snapchat about its willingness to wading through the process of comprehensive reform to develop it on the Android operating system, and actually began the process of re-design to appear for some users before weeks from now, and specifically with the demo version of Snapchat 10.40, through the operation of “Snapchat Alpha” in the settings.

That day started this update or new design to appear to a wider audience, where in a nutshell we can say he’s got a re-design from the ground up and makes the app more smoothly, but with this beta version there are still many the main advantages of the non-existent, due to the continuation of the development process.

تصميم سناب شات الجديد على أندرويد يأخذ منحنى أوسع

Aside from visual changes, the apparent increase in the speed of performance of the application, all of the advantages of custom labels, voice calls, videos, and the ability to add jacket buyer directly and other advantages, is currently missing in this version, so either you wait for commitment for trial or experience of this version via download the latest version of the Snapchat application as an APK from here.

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