The design of the Gimli New now available for all Android users

تصميم جيميل الجديد متاح الآن لجميع مستخدمي أندرويد

Last month announced the Google new design long service by Gmail “Gmail”, has hit the design first service on the desktop, and now the design has become available on smart phones, specifically for Android users, in turn, provided the control elements of the new design line, such as Google Sans known as the “Pixel”, so there’s a new search bar available the top of the screen.

Also create a new design from the menu bar of red, which was previously a cornerstone in the application, as well as the process of organizing and cleaning to the general design, perhaps the main thing in this update, is that actually a very bright, in other words the white color is the dominant color on the application interfaces.

With the removal of red tape the top of the screen become the screen is a white block pure, finally as noted earlier the update is currently available for all users of Android, and is supposed to reach iOS users in the next few days.

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