The design of the phone HTC U12 appears across several images

After a year disappointing, I decided to HTC through 2018 to reduce its efforts in relation to mobile phones, the launch of a limited number of Android devices.

Earlier this month pictures emerged of a leaked phone HTC U12 appear that it is coming with a design similar to the design of iPhone X from Apple, as the screen extends over the whole front except for the front camera and sensors.

Now show a group of images via Amazon’s Japanese, it should be made clear that these images published by the manufacturer of the covers, and through it to offer its products for an HTC phone U12, which means that they are not official, and it is questionable to some extent.

These pictures show that the company is trying to change the traditional design to the identity of her, to carry it to the approach taken by Samsung, Google and Huawei and other manufacturers of smart phones.

It seems also that the screen occupies almost all the front-end of the phone with some of the dialogue is thick to some extent in the top and bottom, along with the appearance of fingerprint reader in the front of the phone, along with owning a phone as the images of four cameras.

Apart from that, it has indicated most of the recent reports that the U12 is the HTC upcoming flagship, which is trying to strengthen its presence in the mobile market, and they are thinking about adding a 4K screen of this phone to distinguish it from the devices of its competitors.

It is expected that you know the Taiwanese company for this phone during the month of February, which in conjunction with the Mobile World Congress MWC 2018, which means we won’t need to wait long to ascertain the genuineness of the published images and design of your phone.


Source: The design of the phone HTC U12 appears across multiple images

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