The design specifications of the new phone OnePlus 7 Pro

Follow the company OnePlus always modern trends in the design of smart phones, this is what you will see in the phone OnePlus 7 Pro this year, where you will find that there is no almost any frame around the screen, which makes the phone stunning in its overall design, but the change is really amazing is hidden under this design, you will notice severe eye after checking that there is something important missing from the OnePlus 7 Pro is the lens of the front camera, but there is no need to panic, the front-facing camera is still present, It’s just hidden from view, this situation is inspired by phones such as Vivo Nex S where the front lens on the slide mechanic pop-chin will be the when you need it and disappears when it is not required.

I don’t need to worry about the durability and also let my OnePlus that this mechanism has been tested more than 300,000 times, which is enough to be used 150 times in the day throughout the next five years, will decline also automatically in a fraction of a second if it detects a decrease, which keeps it safe from damage caused by falling, there’s no use hiding camera personal photo to confirm on the screen if you don’t screen great.

Phone screen for OnePlus 7 Pro in a new design

تصميم جديد ومذهل لـ هاتف OnePlus 7 Pro هذا العامThe design of the new and amazing for a phone OnePlus 7 Pro this year

Phone screen for OnePlus 7 Pro caused a storm among the interested latest unique and brilliant, it’s a monster AMOLED huge size of 6.67 inches, works accurately QHD + 3, a 120 × 1440 in the ratio 19.5: 9, has an area of 516 pixels per inch, which is characterized by improved Night Mode enhanced support for HDR10 + to save the eye, and even the refresh rate to 90 Hz will make use of your looks smoother than usual, it’s very good to the extent that DisplayMate has already confirmed that the screen of the OnePlus 7 Pro has achieved the highest rating of A + in the tests.

It is also new that such as the OnePlus 6T there is a fingerprint in the screen bottom of the screen AMOLED brilliant, it’s not a scanner, ultrasonic, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10, but OnePlus claims it has improved time slot scanner reliability, the fingerprint scanner located on the screen means that the rear of the OnePlus 7 Pro do not look clean and tidy.

Also read specification, update the new camera phone OnePlus 7 Pro

There is also a system camera three lenses stacked vertically on the back of the phone, with dual LED flash and the logo of OnePlus below, there are no even now permit a property water resistance although OnePlus said that the device is waterproof and the license classifications of IP cost money will be added to the price, it is still the headphone jack is missing, however, you’ll find stereo speakers dual tuner with Dolby Atmos, in addition to the USB-C port in the lower part of the phone, comes phone OnePlus 7 Pro in three colors: blue, black and gold.

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