The designer explained why the new Mac Pro is similar to a grater

Apple has always paid special attention to the design. Creating your products in the form in which we see them today, in Cupertino pursued not only aesthetic but also practical purpose, which did not always become apparent at first sight. Even the body of the new Mac Pro, causing many users strongly associated with the cheese grater, was designed exactly this with a very specific purpose. Designer Arun Venkatesan understood with the device of new generation computer and is now ready to tell us about it.

The exterior of the Mac Pro 2019 has much in common with Power Mac G5, because this form factor was the most effective in terms of heat sink, explains the designer.

The cooling of the computer

“Thanks to the walls and plastic deflector G5 is divided into four temperature zones. In each zone there are fans running at low speeds, which suck the air through the front and side, and then he goes through the back panel. The division into multiple zones allows to cool each of them individually. The fans will be activated only when the component, for cooling of which they are responsible, feels the heat. The purpose [of separation] was to achieve quiet and efficient cooling,” says Venkatesan.

The Mac Pro uses about the same technique of cooling the innards. A metal plate, which Apple calls the sea wall, the motherboard and form two independent temperature zones. The area of the motherboard is the largest, and therefore is equipped with three coolers that suck in air through the front panel, cooling CPU, memory and power supply.

But what is the role of termopane case? Holes provide more efficient air intake and is used for heat dissipation. In fact, the Mac Pro enclosure is almost half of the air holes, while the remaining portion forms the metal. Therefore, the computer can stay longer and cold at the same time as quiet. It turns out that everything new is only well forgotten old.

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