The designer presented a concept of the new iPhone

New range iPhone will be released only next year, but that does not stop analysts and designers to reason on the subject of what may be the flagship 2019. I want to believe that the novelty will differ from its predecessors both in design and in its functionality. Agrees designer Antonio De Rosa, who presented a bold concept. We offer you to familiarize yourself with this project.

In 2017, Apple has set a kind of trend, equip your flagship at the moment, the smartphone is a “hole” in the screen. Many Android manufacturers have started to copy this element of the design, despite the fact that the necessity for it has not always been. Typical “cutout”, whose task was to emphasize the individuality of the iPhone, in the end, lost all identity. And according to the designer-enthusiast Antonio De Rosa, the American Corporation has something to do with it. That’s what changes the author proposes the concept:

  • Move the “island” of sensors to the left. According to the designer, this solution will allow you to stand out among a greater number of faceless Android smartphones.

  • The author of the project proposes to equip the iPhone with a pen, specially designed for smartphone. The advantages of this solution are obvious: the stylus will allow to solve more tasks, and thus, Apple will be able to compete with the Galaxy Note 9 this parameter.

  • Antonio suggests that the design of the devices will be seriously updated. The screen diagonal will be an impressive 6.7 inches, and the housing will be a special compartment for the pen. Also the device will get an improved camera with five lenses, which will allow to achieve the highest quality photos and video.

Of course, the concept looks interesting, however, to expect something like Apple’s just not worth it. If you believe the rumors, the next-generation iPhone will not get significant changes. The design of the devices will remain the same, and all of the proposed innovations are more likely to be evolutionary than revolutionary.

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