The details of the network Shoelace social that Google is seeking to launch

Network Shoelace is a new social network which is based on the giant Google, to launch, where Google can not resist the desire to create another social network, especially after turn off Google+ for ordinary users, where he developed the unit region 120 of the pilot the company’s new social network dubbed the Shoelace and varied dramatically from the networks available at the current time where you help people to trade in real life.

How it works network Shoelace

شبكة Shoelace الاجتماعية تدشنها جوجلNetwork Shoelace social launch of Google

You can choose your interests and helps you designers network and communicate with like-minded people coming in many activities, whether specially created or selected manually, if you are new to the city, for example, you can find friends you share the same places you go to, so you can sit with and dating face-to-face, and that’s what you’re social network is dating in real life and not in front of the computer.

Most importantly you can share your activities with others through the Shoelace, all suspected to be no friends can share their their concerts and events, and you won’t have necessarily to create an event on Facebook to protect the people on it, the network is still under experimentation in the city of New York only, you will be assessing the trade through users where Google can add some adjustments and changes in preparation to launch formally shortly.

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