The details of the security bugs that plagued Firefox

The company launched the Firefox recently resolved to succeed big in the Firefox browser, it was hackers they use it to actively control the systems at risk, the company issued a correction of an error another security according to ZDNet, the hackers used the back two together to target Coinbase: the first of them allowed them to run malicious code through Firefox from afar, while he gave them a second way to escape from the operations of the Firefox local.

How it took hackers errors Firefox

خلل أمني في فايرفوكس منذ إبريل الماضي والشركة تطلق حلاً لهGlitch security in Firefox since last April the company launches its solution

Apparently sent to the attackers email phishing to employees Exchange e-currency to attract them to the web site designer to download and run a tool to steal information automatically if it is loaded on Firefox, worked malware that used on both operating systems Mac and windows and can collect passwords and other data, inform the researcher in Google’s Project Zero about the existence of the first creation in Mozilla in April, but did not Maker browser correct it only after being informed of the security team Coinbase of attacks on the company’s system using two vulnerabilities.

It is still not clear how informed the attackers about the bugs that enabled them to do this attack, which targeted customers of e-currency, despite the fact that Coinbase did not find evidence of exploitation, which targets customers, it is still users Firefox want to update their browser, especially since the flaws are known to all now, which leads to the apprehension of an auction.

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