The developer to develop the TikTok working on a rival service to Spotify

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TikTok is one of the applications of social the most popular now. It lets users create short video clips through lip-synching with the songs and other audio files other. I demonstrated this app it is very successful, particularly in emerging markets. The report of the new company ByteDance Chinese that stand behind the application of the TikTok is now working on the development of service music suitable for Spotify which are very popular in all over the world.

The report from the news agency poor that the company ByteDance the establishment of the broadcast service songs paid by the emerging markets, a service which obviously will compete with the service of Spotify in those markets. India is one of the markets that have the application of the TikTok very popular, and download Spotify hard to gain a strong foothold there. It has been said already it got the necessary licenses from the best brands specialized in the music industry in India.

App music coming from a company ByteDance may not carry subsequent TikTok in the name. And he says he will be first to the emerging markets where it is yet to launch music services such as Spotify and the Apple Music. Will its competitors in some of those markets service QQ Music free, a subsidiary of Tencent in addition to YouTube available in all over the world.

Doesn’t seem to ByteDance got the necessary licenses from the leading brands in the music industry of the United States of America, so it may not be in a hurry to launch services in the country of Uncle Sam. It is not clear how the service would be its own musical, but it is likely to be cheaper than Spotify.

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