The developers MyEtherWallet announced the launch of a blockchain Explorer for Ethereum

The team’s most popular wallet for Ethereum MyEtherWallet announced the launch of the alpha version of the new blockchain Explorer cryptocurrencies. The start of EthVM the developers said in the official Twitter account of the project. Current version EthVM shows data only from the network Ropsten, which is testatom Ethereum.

The programmers ambitions — their new initiative should be a direct competitor to the Etherscan, the most popular at the moment, the blockchain Explorer Ethereum.

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We will remind, in February MyEtherWallet received a major upgrade of the interface. Website design has become more intuitive and understandable to ordinary users that are not familiar with the industry of cryptocurrency. The developers have also assured all in complete safety and anonymity of a new version of their product.

Alpha version EthVM is still in the testing phase, so the team MEW is asking the community to leave their comments about the advantages and disadvantages of the service.

Remember that he [EthVM] is still in the alpha stage of testing. Please, report us about found bugs or send your ideas for development. Help us to improve the platform!

EthVM can be a useful tool in the analysis of the Ethereum ecosystem every ordinary investor. By the way, she is quite centralized. According to the data of last researches, the most part of all the coins, Ethereum — about 80 percent — is located at the address 7572.

Let’s hope that MyEtherWallet will retain its status as one of the most secure cryptocell. In the current environment is a sign of hard work of the project team. Recall that MEW is under the yoke of hacker attacks even more often than banks, Fortune 500.

Perhaps, to use this platform even safer than hardware wallets. Especially given the many vulnerabilities found in devices best wallet.

Even more interesting are looking for in our cryptodata.


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