The developers of Ethereum Classic will hold hardwork Atlantis. Why is it needed and what will change?

Ethereum Classic appeared in 2016, as a result of hard forks Ethereum. We will remind, after cracking the DAO at the equivalent of $ 50 million, the community has been divided into two camps. One of them decided not to interfere in the work of the blockchain for “the abolition of hacking” and continued to use the old chain, thus creating a classic Ethereum. Now the developers themselves conduct hardwork. Understand in detail.

The contents

Details hard forks ETC

Let’s start with the most important:

  • what is hardwork — Atlantis;
  • at what block will be — #8,772,000;
  • when to expect update — September 13, 2019;
  • why do we need Atlantis to expand the functionality ETC;
  • who worked on hardforum — Labs ETC, Chainsafe System, ETC Cooperative and other members of the community;

Why hardford

Hardwork — a radical change in Protocol of the blockchain cryptocurrency. In General it allows you to cancel transaction, add new functionality and eliminate security risks. Because of the Association with hacking DAO this word causes users Ethereum Classic strain, but now to worry about. This time no translation will not be cancelled. In this case, hardwork will be a good upgrade and not a necessary measure.

According to representatives of the Ethereum Classic Labs, soon the update will improve compatibility with Classic Ethereum Ethereum and facilitate the interaction between related blockchains. The team will also increase the security of the project, especially after the January attack 51% on ETC.

That's right: old enemies reconciled, and now Ethereum Classic will be working on a virtual machine and smart contracts with the elder brother. It will be convenient for programmers and in the end will benefit both the community.

What they say about hard forks Ethereum Classic

Atlantis is the first additional improvement in Ethereum Classic. Its importance was commented Terry CULVER, head of Ethereum Classic Labs.

Atlantis is an important update. He introduces into the chain of technical improvements. Hardwork reflects the community cohesion ETC and our shared desire to continue to innovate in one of the largest public blockchains in the world.

It also reflects the purpose of the ETC Labs — to promote interaction and cooperation with the community Ethereum. We are pleased to work closely with the ETC Cooperative, Chainsafe, community members and numerous stakeholders.

Source: 2Биткоина

And here’s a quote from Bob Summerville, Executive Director of the Ethereum Classic Cooperative.

Hardwork Atlantis is a huge step in the development of Ethereum Classic. It will provide much greater compatibility with Ethereum and will make it easier to translate decentralized applications between chains.

To reach consensus among stakeholders in such a decentralized community like ETC difficult, but we kept in touch and did it. Everyone can be proud of what we have achieved.

What EIP is included in Atlantis

Upgrade Atlantis consists of ten suggestions for improving Ethereum or the so-called EIP (Ethereum Improvement Proposals). Why they are needed:

  • EIP 100 — increased stability of the blockchain;
  • EIP 140, 211 and 214 — upgrade operation codes or opcodes;
  • 198 EIP — improvement precompiled contracts;
  • EIP 196 and 197 — improve non-interactive proofs zero-knowledge zk-Snarks;
  • EIP 161 and 170 — productivity growth;
  • EIP 658 — increase of security level;

What do the miners

Mining-pool 2Miners ready for the hard forks Ethereum Classic. Users can join a pool and dig ETC, without worrying about problems. If you don’t know how to do this, we recommend to read short and understandable video. Russian subtitles are.

Approaching hardwork commented Sergey Grushin, a leading blockchain engineer pool 2Miners.

Change hard forks Ethereum Classic for network users will not be particularly noticeable. The main innovations will affect the virtual machine and the complexity of the ankle-blocks, and awards for units, as well as other details remain the same. Miners who use local wallets need to be updated. Support Atlantis purses Parity 2.5.6, Classic-geth 6.0.8 and Multi-geth 1.9.2. Node pool 2Miners ready to hard forks.

Conclusion: digging ETC and don’t worry — you need do nothing.

Will there be a split chain?

Hardform creates the risk of separation of the chain, or so-called split. This is when part of the users of the innovation (or simply do not have time to update the wallets and miners) and continues to mine the old chain. In the end, may form a second cryptocurrency.

To wait for such a scenario given the positive innovations of Atlantis is unlikely. The idea of hard forks received positively. The prospect of a split in the chat arena commented on the member community under the name BabySocrates.

The community has come to consensus, separation of the chain will not.

It seems we can just wait for the right bloc and a successful hard forks Ethereum Classic. Reduce waiting for a pleasant conversation on the topic of cryptocurrencies in our chat millionaires. We also recommend not to waste time and have to start mine on the pool 2Miners.

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