The developers of Ethereum discussed the benefits of frequent hardforum. Run faster until you get

The panel of key kernel developers Everwine every two weeks to discuss the progress of the project. This Friday they had raised the issue of the frequency of system-wide updates of system or so-called hardforum. It is likely that in the future, the core code of Ethereum will be updated every 3 months. Interest in it arose after the statement of predstavitelja that one of the EIP (suggestions for improving Ethereum) will have to implemented in several stages.

However, as considers a senior developer for a venture capital firm Consensys Joseph DeLong, three months is too often for such changes. The head of group of developers of the Ethereum Foundation Peter Szilagyi agreed, explaining it this way.

If we had done a simple client updates, hardforce every three months well suited. But in our case, as a rule, is carried out more comprehensive work on updating the kernel. So if we start chasing hardforum every three months, you just will not have time to work on progress.

Head of security Ethereum Foundation Martin Host the Svend also said that key updates are impossible to release every three months. In his opinion, such a frequency is suitable only for minor bug fixes.

It is important to focus not on the timing of the launch of an update. The focus is the development of a function of X and will it work equally in all versions of the client.

Technical Director, Parity Technologies Fredrick Harrison in his call to do “one step at a time” also noted that to date, the team Everwine not always fit even in the six-month period.

To accelerate hardforce we need to automate some tasks. The point is that in the preparation of the majority of the time and sometimes it takes not writing code, and a lot of additional tasks and actions.

Recall now the main vector of development of Ethereum is the algorithm ProgPoWthat will save miners from the danger of ASIC. More data look at cryptodata.

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