The developers said that you can’t transfer Android apps on HarmonyOS

Unthinkable without which no modern OS? Of course, ecosystems and software. But if we project the elements of the ecosystem of a company like Huawei, in General, the strength to move someone else IN manually — is no more. Of course, you can rely on the fact that the developers themselves are interested in new and promising platform and begin to adapt their apps, but already a Mature market, it should not count. So you need to attract developers that while Huawei is frankly so-so.

HarmonyOS — new OS from Huawei to replace Android

To ease the task developers, Huawei has come up with a tool called Ark Compiler. According to the plan of the company, it had to ensure rapid optimization of apps originally written for Android, under HarmonyOS. Supposedly this optimization should allow applications not only to run on a new and, in fact, unfamiliar operating system, but also to increase their performance up to 60%. But it is in theory. But in practice all has appeared absolutely differently.

Applications for HarmonyOS

Application developers MetaApp complained that Ark Compiler proved to be unsuitable for migration tool. According to them, it skips the key parts of the code that forms the program, what output that is completely unusable. This is rather odd, considering that Huawei promised a reference compiler, which, in fact, depends on the success of its OSes.

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But to believe that the company is not aware of the problems Ark Compiler is complicated, say the developers. Instead of having to prove that everything is working properly and run it through your tool some application Huawei just pretends that the problem does not exist. As a result, the responsibility to understand how something works lies with the developers who one day can just spit and keep their software exclusive to Android.

Problem Huawei

Is everything bad really hard to say. In the end, while we have the statement of only one Studio out of hundreds of those who will want to optimize their AML HarmonyOS. But even if this is true, perhaps still early to talk about that optimized versions of the apps don’t work, because she HarmonyOS exists only in the version for TV and no one knows when will be released for smartphones or tablets.

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On the other hand, given the situation in which Huawei is now, it would be better not to anger developers, and to offer them the most loyal and profitable terms of cooperation, explaining on fingers, how to use the tool for migration. And if the company will continue to act in the same spirit, relying on the Chinese perhaps, one billion, which it invested in the development of software for App Gallery, can end very quickly, not giving the desired result.

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