The developers told how popular the Apple Watch Series 3

Developers of the popular app Pedometer++ for the iPhone and the Apple Watch said, what models of smart watches are most popular among their users. The data obtained allow us not only to get an idea about the extent of the Apple Watch Series 3, but also to make unexpected findings about the popularity of the new model in comparison with the previous one.

Within a few months (from August 1, 2017 to March 14, 2018) developed by David Smith collected information about the models of user devices and found that by March of this year the most popular Apple Watch steel Series 3, despite the recent release last fall. Along with this almost started to decline in proportion to the share of previous versions of smart hours from Apple.

Now, more than a third of users of Pedometer++ has got the Apple Watch Series 3. According to the creators of the application, the consumers affected by the speed of the new Apple Watch and support LTE, which makes the watch more independent.

On the resulting chart, you can track data for another group of users of the Apple Watch Series 1. Their share in comparison with the other virtually unchanged during the study: it is precisely those users who purchased the Apple Watch once and don’t see the point in upgrading every year or two. However, soon Apple will probably stop supporting older smart watches, ceasing to produce for them the updates of the operating system.

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