The development tool of artificial intelligence to discover discrimination on the basis of race and gender in the work

A team of American researchers developed a tool for artificial intelligence (AI) to discover the unfair discrimination – on the basis of race or gender within the workplace, where training systems and artificial intelligence responsible for the selection of candidates for a job or for admission in the University on large amounts of data.

According to the site, TOI India, starting the team from the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University a tool of artificial intelligence to discover discrimination in relation to Basma protected, such as race or sex, for example, ” is there discrimination based on gender in the salaries? ” Could be rephrased as follows: “does the body have a negative effect on the comfort?”, the Or in other words, “will you get women to income more if she was a man?”.

Had the researchers tested their method using different types of data available, such as income data from the Census Bureau American to determine if there is discrimination based on gender in the salaries, as they test their method using data for program suspension refinement for the police department city of New York to determine if there was discrimination against persons of color in the recruitment processes by the company.

He said, “Faso cement Honavar”, Professor, University of Pennsylvania: we found evidence of gender-based discrimination in salary, and more specifically, we found that the odds of women receiving a salary of more than $ 50,000 in the year are only a third for men, this suggests that employers should search for and correct, when appropriate, gender bias in salaries “.

He added: “If our tool, you can help ensure you don’t become like these systems are tools for discrimination, barriers to equality, threats to social justice and the injustice”.

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