The difference between Google Maps and Google Maps Joe

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Last year, Google announced the enhanced version of the Android operating system, where Android an atmosphere specifically designed to run on devices with limited memory, and allows you to experience the best version of Android on devices with a low level.

Re-design of Google for most of its applications to common explicitly for the Android system jo, this application on behalf of the application Joe, which is about the variables of the comments of the original, some of the apps Joe are Google Joe and Jim Joe andYouTube Joe Google Maps Joe and Files Go.

While it is pre-installed on Android devices Joe, you can install from the Google Play Store is also on any device, this app is extremely useful on phones with low memory and in areas with a weak contact to the internet.

The difference between Google Maps and Google Maps Joe

The size of the app

Comes Google Maps application Joe, the size is 140 KB only, but since it is a Web application providing essentially need Google Chrome browser to work on your device, the small size is logical, on the other hand, the volume of Google Maps application main about 25-30 MB.

The user interface

Generally the user interface are quite similar in both applications, and when running the app for the first time will not find a big difference, where there is a search bar at the top, and quick actions at the bottom of the two buttons floating on the right side of all apps.

However, while the application supports Joe to enlarge the size of the signal in the maps, it lacks the support of gesture in the development, and you must click on the icon of the three bars in the top right corner to open the navigation drawer, and when you do that, you’ll find many of the options missing in the application atmosphere.

Similarly, in the upper part you won’t find a picture of the cover of your account, however then you get the option to switch accounts, so the application supports Google Joe multiple accounts, but it lacks to many other things, and when you search for a location, although getting the path information, The click on the navigation button prompts you to download Google Maps application main.


Similar to the application of Joe a basic app that allows you to use most of the services Google Maps, and allows you to perform all the functions of maps such as search for places and Get Directions, see traffic information initiative, but does not support clicking on the navigation button and prompts you to download the main app.

Real-time location

In fact the Google Maps application, Joe does not support location sharing in real-time, as Google has added location sharing feature to their main application in the past year, however, this same water did not reach the application of Joe.

Work offline

Does not support Google offline maps offline in the application of Joe, but if you think about it, the apps Joe is manufactured phones which has much less processing capacity and areas of simple connect to the internet, so it is logical to add support for offline maps, even youtube Joe has a video feature is not connected to the internet, I am optimistic that Google will add this feature soon.

Moreover, the current version of the app also features a parking that had been raised recently.

Addresses, reviews and photos

The atmosphere is wonderful in providing information, however it lacks two-way interaction, if you are user of Google Maps and want to add comments and Ratings, the Google Maps application Joe, will your hopes, you can’t do anything, and allows you to ask questions, but you can view the reviews and Ratings and the answers, as you can’t set home and work addresses, knowing that this feature is important and useful to examine the traffic trends.

Users can experience Google Maps application atmosphere here.

The difference between Google Maps and Google Maps Joe

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